Val Halloran: I Had No Idea

Val Halloran: I Had No Idea

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Val Halloran’s music is unique among Christian songs today. Val’s music has the ability to draw the human soul to the throne of God like few other song writers can. As she pours her heart out to the Lord through her music and her heartfelt prayers fill the lyrics of each song, the listener is gently drawn along with her into His presence and will not walk away unaffected. As a busy mother with a wealth of life experiences and her faith put to the test many times, Val has written songs that inspire the greatest of Christian characteristics and faith. Through the simplicity of music, she gives the weary a chance to rest and gain strength to lift up their cross and walk once more.

In the songs Val has written, she tackles the down-to-earth issues which confront people on a daily basis. The hard, often heart wrenching issues that we all struggle with and cry over; the ones that make us want to give up, or isolate us in our loneliness. Through her own personal experience and her faith in God, Val’s musical gifts have resulted in songs that everyone can relate to on a personal level. This is what reaches out to the listener and draws them – the ability to comfort, soothe, encourage and give a stronger, deeper faith where it had been stretched thin before.

What Others are Saying

A mother of five children who are six years old and under sums up Val’s special ability so well:

I am the mother of 5 little ones and have been so weary and exhausted with daily struggles for the past year. I was feeling like such a failure and wondering how I could manage to keep going on. I felt almost too tired to pray, so I asked the Lord to help me. Someone shared your music with me a few days ago…when I listened to your song “God Says They’re Gifts” the first time I felt as though the Lord Himself was speaking and encouraging me. I listened over and over and broke down crying. It almost felt like the Lord had His hand on my shoulder, comforting and loving me. My attitude and outlook were transformed instantly and I felt refreshed and firm in my conviction that the Lord would help me as I seek to serve Him in all things. Your music has been a great blessing to me. I still don’t know if I have listened yet without tears in my eyes!” Everyone, everywhere, in all walks of life will be blessed by Val’s songs.

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