Val Halloran: I Had No Idea Val Halloran: I Had No Idea

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Val Halloran’s music is unique among Christian songs today. Val’s music has the ability to draw the human soul to the throne of God like few other song writers can. As she pours her heart out to the Lord through her music and her heartfelt prayers fill the lyrics of each song, the listener is gently drawn along with her into His presence and will not walk away unaffected. As a busy mother with a wealth of life experiences and her faith put to the test many times, Val has written songs that inspire the greatest of Christian characteristics and faith. Through the simplicity of music, she gives the weary a chance to rest and gain strength to lift up their cross and walk once more.  (read more & CD purchasing information…)


Leilani Clark: Never Say GoodbyeLeilani Clark: Never Say Goodbye

Val says of Lani’s CD,

“I have counted it an extreme privilege and honor to participate in ministry with the Clark family. I first met the Clark family- Leilani, her brother, Tim, her mother, Victoria and her father, Dan Clark in 1997, when ‘Lani’ was only 10 years old. Even at that young age, Leilani had an incredibly mature and beautiful voice. Leilani appeared on the national radio broadcast of “A Prairie Home Companion” at the age of 12 and took first place in their “Talent from Towns Under Two Thousand” contest. For her closing song, she sang a song that Dan, Donald Johns (our producer) and I had collaborated in writing entitled, “I’m Amazed”. Lani’s angelic voice and pure spirit captured the hearts of almost 2 million listeners and inspired the show’s host to have her back on the show the following year, where she once again sang one of our collaborated songs entitled, “Keeper of My Heart” (which has been recorded on both of our CD’s) . Her appearance on national radio has given Lani many more singing opportunities in which she shares her love for the Lord and her devotion to use her talent for His glory. (read more and purchasing information here….)