Be it done unto me according to Thy will.

One of my daughters made a good observation about the issue of childbearing among Christians. She said she wonders why all will readily say that every life is a blessing and gift after conception has occurred, while at the same time stating that most means of contraception are not only good, but advisable and “responsible”. Is not the whole process God’s domain? Is not a child always a blessing and gift from God, even if received in difficult circumstances? Can anyone say their circumstance is more inconvenient or untimely than was Mary’s, the mother of Jesus, when she said ,”Be it done unto me according to Thy will.”? Is God always the Author of life, or does he say, “Oops, that one slipped by Me?” Are we not called to offer our bodies as living sacrifices, which includes willingness to be a vessel through which He can bring forth life, perhaps a life that will do great things for the world and for his glory? I personally feel that the devil has done a very good snow job, not only on the world, but on the church when it comes to the issue of having children.

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