He Will Not Fail Me

How oft I think I know the plan

And think by signs I’ll understand;

But God’s great path is through the sea

And o’er each wave He’ll carry me.

I walk by faith and not by sight,

Though I might plead to have some light.

Fullest joy is what is planned,

If I’ll but trust He holds my hand.

I have no reassuring sign,

But I am His and He is mine.

His promises are all I need,

And hitherto, they’ve carried me.

So again I’ll wait and trust;

Though I can’t see, His way is just.

If I look back, I plainly see,

He has supplied my every need.

Though I am weak, He will be strong,

To guide me lovingly along.

I only need strength for today;

He will not fail me, come what may.

©2015, Val Halloran

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