God is Enough

Below the following testimony, I wanted to share some lyrics that I wrote awhile back when my family and I were in the midst of a lot of testing (we still are :). As much as none of us enjoys the struggles of this life, Jesus told us many times in Scripture that we will have tribulation in this world. Thankfully, He didn’t just leave us with the expectation of suffering without reminding us of the hope and victory that is promised to those who abide in Him.

These past couple of years I have had several opportunities to experience tribulation, as most of us who live long enough will. But I have had equal opportunity to experience God’s faithfulness and strength, which is why I hope this testimony will encourage those who read to press on in hope… I’ve lost 4 grandbabies, one of them, 5 day old Jessica Faith, who died of a sudden and unexpected intestinal infection just the day after my father died of lung cancer. That same year, my daughter, Hannah, lost 3 babies mid-trimester, leaving all of us sad and devastated by her multiple losses. Then, while grieving these other losses, I was shocked to receive news that my co-writer, instrumentalist and arranger, Dan Clark, died in a drowning accident while in the middle of producing an album of our co-written songs. (Fortunately, his daughter Leilani, was able to complete the project while utilizing the musical talents of James Madison Thomas, who filled in for Dan in completing the instrumentation).

Not long after enduring those difficult losses, last March, my father-in-law, who had come to live with us after the passing of his wife, was hit by a truck while walking in our neighborhood. It has only been two weeks ago that he returned to live with us again, after spending 7 months in the hospital. His survival in and of itself, is a miracle of God. Throughout this entire time, we have faced the most difficult financial times in our 30 year marriage as my husband continues to seek ways to support our family, while at the same time, meeting the needs of his invalid father who recently returned back home. His once-lucrative home-based business took a down turn and we have not been able to find adequate compensation since that time; but somehow God has met our needs daily, even when we haven’t known how, or where provision will come from.

I don’t share all of these particulars to seek pity, but rather to testify of God’s faithfulness, mercy and grace through the most difficult stresses of life. He has never ceased to provide for, strengthen and uphold me and my family through all of these severe tests and trials. This is not to say that we haven’t had moments of anguish, doubt and frustration as we have struggled with our fleshly tendency to focus on the earthly, rather than the eternal. But even in those times, God has been gentle and patient in sustaining us, waiting for us to cast our burdens upon Him, knowing that we simply can’t survive in our own strength. That is why I can encourage you to continue to trust Him, no matter what you might be going through at this time, because He IS enough. Following are the lyrics that these trials have inspired. I hope that you can relate to them and take courage in remembering that God truly is all we need to see us through any difficulty that we face…


God is enough when the trials of life are many.

He is enough when all earthly help is gone.

When the day is growing darker

And the way is getting rough;

When no one walks beside you, He’s enough.

God is enough, when you’ve lost the one you cherish.

He is enough when your heart would break in two

When your strength alone won’t hold you,

Let His loving arms enfold you;

Trust the promises He told you, He’s enough.


He’s enough, the God who made you will not leave you.

He’s enough, though you can’t see, His way is just.

All the tears you cry today, by His grace, He’ll wipe away

You can trust Him, come what may, He is enough

God is enough when your days are filled with waiting.

He is enough when the things you seek don’t come.

Though you ask and seek and pray

With no change from day to day;

In His time, He’ll make a way, He’s enough.


There’s no problem He can’t handle,

There’s no heartache He can’t soothe

All you need to do is trust, so He can prove

He’s enough, the God who made you will not leave you.

He’s enough, though you can’t see, His way is just.

All the tears you cry today, by His grace, He’ll wipe away

You can trust Him, come what may, He’s enough

C 2008, Val Halloran

Hebrews 12:2

“Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.”

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  1. Just read the story about what you went through in 2008. I guess you know the storms that we are going through right now in our lives. Death of John’s dad and his mom having radiation to make sure that the cancer doesn’t return. The lyrics that you wrote were a blessing to me. May God bless and keep you and make his face to shine upon you.

    1. Thank you, Carrie. Trials of life can be so hard, but we are blessed as Christians to know and experience that God truly is enough God bless you too.

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